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This course presents the fast shooting form common in the Kassai Equestrian Archery School in Hungary. Topics include intuitive shooting development, principals of fast loading, holding the arrows in the bow hand, safety and warm-up stretches, the form in the dojo vs on the track, form shooting cycle with 25 checkpoints, release training, form-check shooting, continuous-flow shooting, dynamic positions, speed tests, shooting in rhythm, and accuracy development. Eighteen training drills are presented as lesson assignments, meant to become the students go-to training simulations. The material is presented to require about 6 x approx 1 hr video lessons with associated quizs and practical training assignments requiring minimum 1 hour each. Suggested course duration 6 weeks as weekly classes, or a 2-day intensive course.

    1. Course Introduction

    1. A Fast Loading Method for 3 Finger Draw Style

    2. Fast loading method quiz

    1. Basic safety considerations and pre-shooting stretches

    2. Safety and warm up quiz

    3. The Kassai Horseback Archery Shooting Form

    4. The Form Described, Dojo Version and for Check-In

    5. The form and form checks quiz

    1. The Form in Dynamic Positions

    2. Dynamic Positions Quiz

    1. Introduction to shooting in rhythm

    2. Introduction to Shooting in Rhythm Quiz

    3. Shooting in Rhythm is Part of the Form

    4. Shooting in Rhythm is Part of the Form Quiz

    1. Accuracy, Speed, and Balance: Foundations for Development

    2. Accuracy, Speed, and Balance Quiz

About this course

  • $150.00
  • 16 lessons
  • 4.5 hours of video content

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